Kylie Jenner lashes out at the police for making her late to pop up event

Kylie Jenner has lashed out at critics and the police after she was slammed for turning up to a pop up event four hours late.

The 20-year-old reality star was in San Francisco on Friday to plug her products in Fog City with an army of fans rocking up to support her.

However, some were left angered when they found themselves waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

But Kylie has hit back after some disgruntled fans shamed her for taking four hours to appear – and she insists that her tardiness was not her own fault as she threw the local police force under the bus for her delayed arrival.

“Ok for the few complaints i see saying i showed up ‘4 hours late’ to my pop up. I want to make it clear i don’t get to choose what time i go,” she barked on Twitter.

“I would be there an hour before it opens if it were up to me. but it’s up to the police who shut down the street at a certain time and let me know when they believe i should come because i feel strongly about being there to see everyone’s faces,”she continued.

Kylie insisted she had worked hard to make her store pop up look spectacular.

“I came there a day early and set the store up myself so it would be PERFECT for you guys. if i didn’t love doing these pop ups and seeing you all i wouldn’t do them at all!” she insisted.

Not stopping there, she continued: “Just gets to me when i see comments like i made everyone wait and i showed up hours late. when that’s just not the truth of the situation.”

Finally trying to add a positive spin, Kylie thanked those fans who did bother to wait around to see her.

“But on a positive note .. today truly was amazing!!! I love meeting you guys. We are such a strong team,” she wrote.

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