Kym Johnson, Jennifer Lopez & More Celeb Moms Who’ve Snapped Back Their Abs After Having Twins

Kym Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and other hot celebrity mamas have proved that toned abs are still possible even after giving birth to twins by showing their own off in gorgeous photos. Check out some of our favorites here!

Kym Johnson, Jennifer Lopez and more celebrity moms of twins have impressively snapped their hot bodies back in all the right ways and have loved showing off their toned abs for the camera. Whether they’re wearing work-out gear, bikinis or just crop tops, these ladies prove that having babies (even two at a time!) doesn’t mean you have to give up being in shape. We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite post-baby bodies from mamas of twins and they’re truly something to see!

Jennifer shared an amazing pic of her tremendous abs by posting a workout photo and we couldn’t look away. Talk about working hard and staying fit! Kym loved not only showing off her incredible post-baby bod but also her twins in an adorable pic of her holding the precious bundles of joy! Beyonce always looks gorgeous no matter what she wears so it isn’t surprising that her beautiful post-baby body pic caught our eye. She displayed her toned abs while posing in a stretch while wearing a cropped blue hooded sweatshirt and a tight knee-length black skirt.

Zoe Saldana‘s post-baby abs conservatively showed when she happily posed in a very low-cut dress on the red carpet of the Avengers: Infinity War premiere and Rebecca Romijn‘s modeling experience showed when she looked gorgeous splashing about in water and showing off her abs in a black bikini after having her twins. These hot mamas inspire us all and help us to remember that no matter how many babies a person chooses to have, it’s still possible to look and feel great!

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