Lana Condor Gushes All About Noah Centineo & It’s The Cutest Thing

Lana Condor totally gets why Noah Centineo is taking over the internet right now and she’s all about it.

Speaking with ET in a cute interview, the 21-year-old actress was over the moon about Noah‘s new found fame after their movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was released on Netflix.

“Oh yeah! I’ve read that he is the Internet’s boyfriend,” Lana says. “Just the thirst for Noah is just… It’s a desert out there and everyone’s so thirsty for him, and I love it.”

Lana is also not surprised at all about the fascination with Noah.

“I’m not surprised. The moment I met him, I was like, ‘Yup, that boy’s gonna be a star.’ We all knew as we were shooting the movie that he was just going to break literally 15 million hearts,” Lana adds. “…People just genuinely, are thoroughly are in love with him.”

She also gushed about how thankful she is to be experiencing the newfound fame with him.

“I’m honored to be on this journey with him and watch as he’s growing and blowing up. He deserves all the recognition that he’s getting and I think he’s handling it really, really well. He deserves it,” she shared.

So cute!

Lana did open up about their undeniable chemistry on screen too.

“You hope that people will fall in love with your characters and I think they have. It’s been great because I know both Noah and I feel the same way, in the fact that I’m so happy that Noah is on this journey with me and it’s Noah who I have as my partner through all of this because our chemistry is genuine,” Lana says.

“Like, it has been since Day 1 and I’ve never felt chemistry like this ever before with any other actor that I’ve worked with. I think we both know that it’s special and I’m just happy that it’s him that I’m going through all this with. We make a really, really good team. It’s been crazy.”

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