Lani Blair Reportedly Launching TV Career: Will She Reveal Tristan Thompson Romance Details?

The Tristan Thompson affair drama isn’t over. Side chick Lani Blair is allegedly going into reality TV, according to a new report! Will she spill secrets about their romance?

Lani Blair and Khloe Kardashian are about to have another thing in common besides Tristan Thompson. Lani’s reportedly gunning to become a reality show queen, just like KoKo, according to a new report! The beautiful Instagram model from the Bronx reportedly quit her day job at a strip club in Queens, where she works as a bartender, to pursue a career in TV, according to an anonymous source who spoke to Page Six. Having competition in the reality show world wouldn’t even be the worst part for Khloe. Lani’s allegedly ready to dish the “embarrassing” dirt about her secret relationship with Tristan!

This is Khloe’s worst nightmare come true. As HollywoodLife previously told you EXCLUSIVELY, Khloe “fears what secrets Lani, or other girls Tristan has been spending time with behind her back, may know about him, Khloe or the Kardashian family. When Khloe fell in love with Tristan, she opened up to him, made herself vulnerable and told him about her entire life.”

There’s no information at this time on what Lani’s reality show aspirations — if she’ll snag her own program, or show up for a guest spot elsewhere. It’s already been determined that she will not be on an upcoming VH1 show called Goal Diggers, as reported by Us Weekly in April. What we do know is that Lani likely has a lot of secrets to spill! Lani, as a separate source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, is pissed that Tristan and Khloe got back together. Tristan told her that as long as she kept their romance a secret, he would “take care of her.” Well, someone else blabbed — not Lani — so it’s all fair game, now!

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