Lateysha Grace slammed as she defends ’making money’ from daughter

Reality star Lateysha Grace has sparked a huge backlash after revealing her plans to make one MILLION pounds from her two-year-old daughter.

The former The Valleys cast member appeared on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain to discuss her aim and argued that she’s doing it to provide little Wynter with a better future.

‘Everything I’m doing has good intentions behind it,’ said Lateysha, 25. ‘Growing up I didn’t have a good life. My mum was a single mum of five. We struggled.

‘Everything I’m doing is for her. Every bit of money we make goes into her savings.’

Host Piers Morgan argued that this wasn’t entirely about Wynter though, having said: ‘Well, it is about you as well.

‘You’ve cut away any right she has to privacy.’

He also raised concerns about whether Wynter could be subject to trolling, as Lateysha has set her up her own Instagram account and hopes that she can be a child model.

Lateysha – who is documenting her mission in new MTV show Million Dollar Baby – continued to defend her plan and stressed that it’s all for her daughter’s future.

However, it didn’t go down so well with many viewers who criticised her parenting decision on social media.

‘This is really, really awful. You’re setting her up for up lifetime of problems. Heartbreaking for that beautiful girl,’ one tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘Sharing beautiful moments with your children is one thing but this is just disgusting and a gross violation of your child’s right to privacy.’

And one argued: ‘I get you want to give your child a good life but do what the rest of us do get a job and work not splash you’re baby all over social media and reality shows!’

However, others showed their support for Lateysha Grace in her mission.

‘Well done Teysh @LateyshaGrace You came across as a strong Mam trying hard to give Wynter the best. Port Talbot girl vs Piers = Brill telly. Stay being you,’ one admirer posted.

A fellow tweeter said: ‘That kid’ll never go hungry’

Following the debate Lateysha made it clear that she wasn’t letting those who disagree with her aim get in her way.

‘Thanks so much got having me @GMB at the end of the day I’m doing all this for wynter !’ she tweeted after her appearance.

Million Dollar Baby kicks off on Wednesday 9 May at 8pm on MTV.

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