Lauren Alaina Shares ‘Three’ Lyric Video

Lauren Alaina has released a new lyric video for her track “Three.”

“It’s one of those songs where I just talked about what I’ve done over the last six years, and the sacrifices I’ve made to be in this music business, which is crazy and fast-paced, and out of town all the time,” she tells Taste of Country Nights of “Three.”

“It’s my favorite song I have ever written, so it was very important to me to get the lyric video just right,” she added in a release. “I wanted the video to be very personal and tell the story behind the song even more. My family, fans, and boyfriend are all a part of the video, and they are all a part of the reason I wrote the song. We all sacrifice something or lots of somethings for our dreams. I’m almost always away from my friends and family, but they support me and want me to be on that stage. When I’m traveling on the road and gone for long periods of time, the fans are always there singing my lyrics back to me and making my dreams come true. I wanted to make sure all of the people who have made this dream possible were showcased in the video.”

“Three” appears on Alaina’s latest album Road Less Traveled.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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