Lauren Comeau Melts Down on Instagram: Is Javi Marroquin Cheating Again?

Around this time last year, Javi Marroquin was caught cheating on Lauren Comeau in about the messiest way possible.

Javi hosted a party for members of the Delaware gym that he owns and after Lauren went to bed, Marroquin hooked up with a female guest in his bathroom.

Lauren woke up — presumably after hearing the sounds of her husband banging some rando in the bathroom — and not surprisingly, she was rather disgusted with the scene she walked in on.

For obvious reasons, Lauren promptly broke up with Javi and moved back home to Massachusetts.

For a while, it looked as though the marriage was officially dunz-o.

But then somethig surprising happened:

Javi posted a cheesy apology in which he sang Lauren’s praises and blathered on about setting a better example for his sons.

And it worked!

Lauren forgave Javi, and these days, the two of them are once again living togeher in domestic bliss.

Or at least it doesn’t look as though she’s actively plotting his murder.

In fairness to Lauren, she and Javi had just had a kid together when he cheated, so it makes sense that she would be eager to make her relationship work.

Anyway, the public mostly lost interest in Javi and Lauren after they got back together.

But this week, they’re back in the news, thanks to a post that appeared on the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram page.

The account posted a screen shot of a DM sent by a very cocerned TM2 fan:

“You need to expose Kail! She’s so bitter that Javi is living the dream right now with his bomb ass wife!” the DM read.

“She’s miserable because she’s stuck with a dude that cuts hair in a shed with unemployed losers!” it continues.

“Javi and Lauren have built an empire and she can’t stand it! Don’t her boyfriend have a building to set on fire?” the authour asked, somewhat randomly.

“He looks like he eats canned chicken! I’m done with him!!”

Now, if your reaction to that message is a big “WTF?!” you’re cetainly now alone.

“An empire…a gym to facilitate hooking up with women and airborne…k,” one user replied.

“He was caught multiple times after hours in the office part of the gym,” another commented, seemingly suggesting that Javi is still being unfaithful.

“Y’all not ready for that tho,” they added. 

And if you’re feeling like the message was written by either Javi, Lauren, or someone close to them, you’re also not alone.

That theory really caught fire when fans picked up on signs that Lauren is in a fragile mental state.

Earlier this week, Comeau posted the photo below along with a lengthy, outraged caption.

“SHUT UP YALL. This is not a political post, this is a post about our child getting his first d*mn haircut,” she wrote.

“We wear out masks, to every store, my mask fell down and my arms were busy holding Eli still – SUE ME,” the mother of one added.

“IT AINT OUR BUSINESS if the barber chooses to or not, just like it shouldn’t be any of yalls business to come complain on strangers instagrams,” Lauren continued.

“I WISH I had the time to go complain on random strangers IG telling them how they are screwing up. Please do more with your time y’all!”

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Maybe the pandemic lockdown is starting to take a toll on Lauren’s mental health.

Or maybe she caught Javi cheating again and decided to try and preemptively shift the public’s attention toward Kail.

Either way, it seems not all is well in Lauren Land.

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