Lauren Goodger confirms she HAS reunited with jailbird Joey Morrison

Now’s resident columnist Lauren Goodger is back and this week she’s opening up about what’s been going on in her world.

Joey’s almost home

Joey was out last weekend yes. It’s a process gearing him up for his eventual release later on in the year. After a long sentence like that they don’t just boot you out! LOL. Obviously, it’s a massive and important deal for him and all those close to him after such a long time away, so out of respect for all concerned, I don’t want to talk about the ins and outs of it all right now. I kept it off of my social media because I want to enjoy it! But yes, he was out and it was lovely to see him, of course!

Babies for Kate and Rio?

Apparently, Kate Wright said that Rio’s kids want them to have a baby. Sweet! Those kids have obviously been brought up properly and have a really good outlook on life, as it can’t be easy after losing their mum so young to accept another woman, but they seem to have welcomed her with open arms. What a credit to Rio and their late mum they are. I don’t know Kate personally, but we have friends in common. They look to be happy together and good for them if they do actually want to have a baby. I guess with ‘step’ kids, it could be awkward, but that’s lovely that Rio’s kids want that. She clearly very much has their seal of approval! The family have obviously been through tough and heartbreaking times, so it’s beautiful to see that they can find happiness again.


Didn’t Kim K look insane at the Met Gala this year? Everyone knows I love a big bum. Before Kim K became famous, J-Lo was always one of my faves. I clocked this bum thing a long time ago, probably because I always had a big bum and thighs! I think they’re sexy and it’s nice when a woman goes in and out in all the right places. I work hard on my bum with squats and, since having liposuction on my waist, it’s really helped accentuate it more.


Selfie tip ‘Hold the camera high, stick your chin up (to avoid the dreaded double chin!) and work that pout!’

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