Lena Dunham Shares Old Baby Name List

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff may have broken up a while back but they both still remain friends. The Girls star shared a list of their potential baby names they made back when they were dating on Twitter.

“Hey @jackantonoff I just found a potential baby name list we made in 2015. I could definitely keep this private, but then the world wouldn’t know that you suggested ‘Carrot’ over and over… Love u!!!” she captioned the tweet and attached a photo of the list.

According to People, the list contains a few funny names like “Carrot” and “Na” but also others like “Kelly” and “Jacki.”

Dunham shows how close their bond still is by ending the tweet saying “Love u” to Antonoff. The Bleachers frontman has yet to respond to the tweet.

Dunham has frequently been sharing messages about Antonoff or to him on social media because the pair remain close friends. In July, she tweeted, “I just texted @jackantonoff that I can’t stop eating sugar and he said ‘just be active but gaining pounds is a cool look!’” She continued, “I guess I was really SMART dating him for almost 6 years.”

The actress shared a cute selfie of the pair on Instagram in June. In the photo, Dunham leaned against Antonoff’s shoulder, while the Bleachers frontman flashed a big grin. She captioned it “Best friends 4ever.”

She also tweeted to Antonoff in June wishing him a happy Father’s Day as a joke. “Happy father’s day @jackantonoff we may have broken up but you still give me the finger from the London airport and that’s 4ever,” she wrote alongside a smiling photo of Antonoff according to People.

Dunham frequently retweets Antonoff’s tweets, too.

The Girls creator and Antonoff met on a blind date set up by his sister and comedian Mike Birbiglia in 2012. From then on, the couple dated for five years and split earlier this year in January. A source told People that the breakup was “amicable” and these tweets and social media exchanges are just further proof that it was.

Dunham took to Instagram to go live after the breakup was announced to address it personally. She also said she is still wearing a ring that Antonoff had given her.

best friends 4ever

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“I’ll always wear it because love is a really cool, powerful, eternal thing,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be defined the way that we, in Western culture, define it as beginnings and ends,” she explained in the video.

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