Liam Payne and Cheryl Jet Off to Maldives for Make-or-Break Holiday

the British couple reveals that they went out to the sea in the middle of the storm during their vacation, saying that it was fun.

Liam Payne and Cheryl sat in the sea during a thunderstorm on their make-or-break holiday to the Maldives in April.

Amid rumours of issues in their relationship, the pair, who are parents to 13-month-old son Bear, jetted away for some alone time. During an interview on German radio station Energy, Liam revealed details of the romantic break, including one particularly unusual evening on the beach.

“We went walking on the beach… we actually went out in the sea in the middle of a storm, like the crazy British people that we are, and sat in the sea while it was thunder and lightning which is probably not the safest thing to do – don’t try this at home kids,” he laughed. “But it was fun… we just sat down and there was no one else on the beach because it was lashing down rain. So I guess if it’s raining loads… I’ll just go outside more!

“We were just in the sea and we were just laughing at each other like ‘what a pair of idiots’, so, you know, that’s what we do.”

Despite the fact that Liam has been concentrating on his solo music career in recent years, he always makes time to head home as often as possible. But when he can’t be there, the former One Direction star can be safe in the knowledge that Cheryl is the perfect mum to their little boy.

“I think it’s just about finding a balance really and I do that really well, I’m very very fortunate that I have such a supportive woman in Cheryl at home, and a beautiful mum for my child as well, so I know he’s nice and safe and comfortable,” he smiled. “And, you know, I get home as much as I can – I have weekends off every so often and we just hang out as a family and just watch crazy TV programmes and cartoons and stuff.

“And it’s a very very normal family life for me at home… I don’t know what people expect of it, but it’s pretty normal you know, pretty bog standard.”

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