Liam Payne Solo Album Release Date, First CD Coming When

We honestly feel like we’ve been waiting a million years for Liam Payne‘s debut solo album to come out, but we finally have a release date! The former One Direction singer announced that his first compilation of tunes not as a member of a group is coming out on September 14, 2018 — that’s less than four months away!

“I’m really happy with it,” Liam said of the album. “It’s come out really nice.”

Although the 24-year-old is obviously excited for his solo record, he also misses his past with the British/Irish group and knows a reunion is in the future.

He added, “I miss being with the boys; that was so much fun. I’m sure there’s time for that to come back around. The more success we have on our own, the more success we’ll have in the future. We’re like the Avengers — if you want Spider-Man to sort something out, he sorts it out. But then the Hulk will go, ‘Well I’ll sort this out.’ It’s one of those things.”

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