Lil Baby Addresses Speculations of Him Being on Drugs Following Tripping Interview

Despite the denial, his Twitter followers are seemingly not entirely convinced as the ‘My Turn’ rapper’s tweet only elicites more skeptical responses instead.

AceShowbizLil Baby previously sparked concerns over his health after he looked a little bit strange in his recent interview on “The Breakfast Club”. People speculated that he might be on drugs due to his quirky behavior during the interview, but the Atlanta rap sensation didn’t let the speculations go even wilder.

Taking to his Twitter account, Lil Baby denied the allegations that he takes Percocet. “I don’t take Percocets!!” so he wrote on Wednesday, March 18.

Despite the denial, people were not entirely convinced. Instead, his tweet only elicited more skeptical responses. “what is it then .? morphine .? coke .? be real w me Dominique,” one Twitter user replied. Someone, meanwhile, accused him of “capping” through a meme.

“Many people take drugs for pleasure or a cure for depression, but once that is beneficial for a certain amount of time, the majority of the outcome is fatal. Rapper’s tend to take drugs, making all the rappers that don’t take drugs look like thugs. Drugs aint cool man,” a fan schooled the rapper.

Some others opted to re-post clips from the said interview which saw Lil Baby spewing incomprehensible nonsense, or twitching out of control.

However, some believed that Lil Baby was telling the truth and blamed his strange behaviors on PTSD, noting that he might be uncomfortable talking about his prison time. “He has PTSD like so many other black men and just don’t know how to deal with it… he’s probably been violated in prison… those are the things our men bury deep inside feeling ashamed,” a person weighed in on the matter. “Coping mechanism, he was very uncomfortable answering those questions,” another fan added.

Conversations that he looked tripping during the interview started after fans noticed that Lil Baby was making a gesture of pouring himself a cup of water with no cup. Additionally, the bottle wasn’t even opened.

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