Lil Tay Taunts Danielle Bregoli Again Amid Nasty Feud: ‘Cash Me Ousside’s A B****’ — Pic

Lil Tay isn’t finished with Danielle Bregoli yet! The 9-year-old rapper just called Danielle a b*tch in a wild Instagram story on May 4, and we have it here for you to see!

Here we go again! Lil Tay, 9, and Danielle Bregoli, 15, are STILL beefing. And just when you thought their feud couldn’t get anymore explosive, Tay made things worse by calling Danielle out via Instagram on Friday. “Cashmeousside A BICH,” Tay captioned her story. It’s clear these two haven’t worked out their differences. Of course, this isn’t the first time Lil Tay has slammed Danielle with harsh words. Last month, Tay took to Instagram again saying, “F*** cash me ousside. She a bich.” For those of you who don’t know, “Cashmeousside” is Danielle’s hit single, which surprisingly got her nominated for a Billboard Music Award.

So, a lot of people began calling her “Cashmeousside girl.” However, the title of her song has nothing to do with her issues with Lil Tay. As we previously told you, the beef allegedly started when Danielle found out fellow rapper/Instagram star Wow Vicky, 18, used a racial slur towards her. As a result, the rising rappers confronted each other and Tay happened to be there to witness it all.

While Vicky and Danielle went at it, Tay joined in and yelled “Broke ass b***h, you can’t fight for sh*t and you a b**h.” And well, the rest is history! Unfortunately, Danielle isn’t the only problem Tay has. Tay reportedly got her Twitter account suspended for overusing the “N” word. Plus, she recently found herself under house arrest. For what you ask, we’re not entirely sure. Nevertheless, we certainly hope these girls work out their differences. After all, they’re not even over the age 21. Take a look at Tay’s wild Instagram above.

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