Lindsay Ell Praises Mentor Keith Urban & Shares Heartwarming BTS Story From His Tour

Throughout Lindsay Ell’s music career, she’s been surrounded by established artists who have whole-heartedly believed in her. After collaborating and touring with Keith Urban, the ‘Criminal’ singer shares one of the most poignant lessons she learned from him.

Keith Urban was one of Lindsay Ell‘s early supporters and as she has climbed the country music charts, he has continued to cheer her on. The 29-year-old Calgary native was featured on Keith’s track “Horses” on his latest album, Graffiti U, and joined him on the “Graffiti U World Tour.” “If you were to tell a 10 year old little Lindsay that she was gonna have a song on a Keith Urban record one day, I would have said you were crazy,” Lindsay laughed during an EXCLUSIVE interview with “He’s been a role model to me in so many aspects as a guitar player, of course, but as a songwriter and a performer. He’s just so dynamic.” She continued, “He just has this thing about him. You can’t even really put your finger on it. When you go to a Keith Urban show, he just is so comfortable and yet has the audience in the palm of his hands. I think it really is that star power, who he is.”

Lindsay went on to detail a beautiful moment she witnessed with the “Female” singer during a soundcheck on tour. “Keith spent 45 minutes trying to make sure the sound in the VIP section at the front of the stage was as good as it could be during a soundcheck of ‘Horses,’” she explained. “He spent 45 minutes out of his time, jumping on and off stage, listening to the mix of the band from the VIP section to make sure it sounded good. That goes to show you how much he cares about his fans.”

Lindsay, whose song ‘Criminal’ peaked at #19 on the Country Radio charts, also shared her excitement to grow and evolve her sound and songwriting as she works on her next album. “I found out who I am in the past two years working with Kristian Bush, my producer, and have figured out ways to authentically represent that, which before I think it was just a constant process of discovery and trying to figure it out,” she explained. “There are songs from The Project that I play every single show, and there are songs that I don’t play at any show. I think that’s just part of it. If that wasn’t the case, it would not be a good thing, because you’re supposed to grow and evolve.”

Lindsay is kicking off her line-up of performances across the country as part of Monster Energy’s Outbreak Tour, so be sure to check out her socials and website to find out when you can see her perform and shred the guitar!

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