Lisa Vanderpump: Leaving The Real Housewives For Good?!

Will she stay or will she go?

That is the question that has been following around Lisa Vanderpump for weeks.

There was talk in late September that Vanderpump is no longer having fun as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

… and Lisa Rinna told Us Weekly that the veteran Bravo star simply vanished for long periods of time during filming of the latest season.

This has all led to speculation about Vanderpump’s future on the series, especially in the wake of her brother’s tragic passing.

(As previously detailed, Mark Vanderpump died of a suspected drug overdose in May. He was 59 years old.)

Might she actually leave the franchise? Despite all the money it has made for her and all the name recognition it has helped her achieve?

We now have an answer — and that answer is yes.

According to a network insider, per Radar Online, the drama between Lisa and the other ladies, specifically former best friends Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley, have become “too much” for Vanderpump to deal with.

This may not have been the case in the past.

But combine Mark’s passing with the many other projects that consume her time and Vanderpump is ready to leave the Housewives behind.

“She was dealing with grief, filming Vanderpump Rules, opening [new restaurant] TomTom and running the Vanderpump Dog Foundation,” explains this Radar inside, adding:

“She was not equipped to handle Housewives, even before the drama happened.”

For those unfamiliar with the drama being referenced above:

A source has said that Vanderpump got into a major argument with Kemsley after the latter adopted a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs — only to then drop it off at a shelter after the canine “nipped” at her young kids.

Lisa stopped filming episodes of The Real Housewives soon after this went down, although Tom Schwartz told Us Weekly that his friend just needed a “mini sabbatical” after the death of her brother.

Vanderpump has mostly mourned this loss in private, although she did issue a simple statement on Instagram shortly after Mark died.

It read:

“It’s been a devastating couple of weeks… one day at a time… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support. Love Lisa xo.”

Radar, however, writes that Vanderpump’s absence from shooting isn’t just some little break.

It’s a full-fledged break-up.

“She has no plans to return to the show,” the insider tells this website. “But who knows what the future holds.”

Lisa, though, WILL return to Vanderpump Rules in the future and she also just announced a partnership with Caesars Palace to open Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas next year.

She’s doing pretty darn well for herself.

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