Love Island 2018: Viewers angry after THIS happened to Jack and Dani

Love Island 2018 has come under fire again after viewers accused show bosses of trying to break-up the perfection that is Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham.

Following Friday night’s disastrous game of Twitter Bingo, fans of the couple were quick to point out that all the comments aimed at the adorable pair were negative.

One particular tweet that angered viewers suggested that Dani and Jack are more ‘like brother and sister’ and have no chemistry.


Fans of the Essex duo slammed the show, claiming producers must have gone above and beyond to find such a tweet.


One viewer said: ‘Why do the producers want to ruin jack and Dani so much – they must of searched hard for that tweet cos I’ve never seen that opinion.’

Another added: ‘Sorry but the producers could’ve exposed Megan for slagging off Georgia and Charlie for calling Ellie immature but no let’s tell Dani and Jack someone thinks they’re like brother and sister’.

A third agreed: ‘Of course the producers of love island use the ONLY negative tweet about Jack and Dani when they’re literally perfect together, ugh’.

Dani and Jack were also noticeably fuming at the accusation, with Jack even admitting he got the hump and Dani saying into camera: ‘I fancy the absolute pants off of him I wouldn’t be with someone if I didn’t have chemistry. It did p*** me off I thought who the hell are you.’

This isn’t the first time the ITV2 show has been accused of fix claims. Earlier this week fans fumed after it was revealed that Samira Mighty and Frankie Foster had actually spent a night in the hideaway together, however this mysteriously wasn’t aired on the programme.

One viewer fumed: ‘You literally edited out the majority of samiras and frankies relationship. How can you edit out their hideaway stay? A whole night in the hideaway and you lot never aired it. You literally sabotaged their relationship to ensure the public didn’t connect with them.’

A rep for Love Island 2018 has played down the controversy and told MailOnline: ‘The show is not fixed.’

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