Love Island fans are concerned for Alex’s health after spotting THIS

With the notorious lie detector test still sending shockwaves within the Love Island villa, it would be easy to assume that viewers are still very caught up with the turmoil of all those porky pies.

However, fans of the cult ITV2 show are still keeping their wits about them – having spotted something *very* strange about Dr Alex during last nights episode…

In fact, Love Island viewers are actually calling for the Doctor to seek some medical help – having spotted something was up with his arm during bedtime in the villa.


As the villa mates all settled down in bed after another busy day being young and sexy, Dr Alex had snuggled up with his partner Alexandra.


The 27-year-old lay on his back with his arm around Alexandra, as she rested her head on his shoulder, so his full body was facing the camera.

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However, as the night vision camera began recording the night time action (*ahem*), all the veins in Alex’s arm appeared to show up – which has left fans pretty freaked out.

Can you spot it?!

Many fans have taken to social media to point out the strange situation in Alex’s arm. One user shares, ‘Am I the only one who noticed all of Alex’s veins in arm and leg as he was sleeping at the end?’.

Freaking out, another writes: ‘Why was Alex’s arm like thatttttttt’.

Another calls for ITV bosses to ‘get this man some medical help’. Did we mention Alex is literally a real life doctor?

Another shares: ‘What the hell!! Why are Alex’s veins showing up under the night vision cameras?!? Is he secretly hulk lol’.

TBH, regardless of how creepy Alex’s arm sitch is, it’s probably the last of his worries – after the lie detector challenge left the ‘fella in the doghouse with Alexandra.

During last nights episode, Alexandra had confronted Alex on his results – having asked him if he even fancies her. Yikes!

After Alexandra had confronted the ‘fella, she shared: ‘For me it was a case of ‘do you see us potentially dating outside of here?’ I know we’ve spoken about it. But you automatically said ‘no,’ which was really hurtful. I have to be honest.’

However, the pair appeared to squash it – as they agreed to carry on at their own pace. Phew!


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