Love Island’s Alex Miller claims Megan Barton Hanson has secret motive

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson has proved pretty controversial with her antics on the show and now her former partner Alex Miller has sensationally claimed there’s a SECRET motive behind her behaviour.

Alex – who was coupled up with Megan before being dumped from the island last week – says that the 24-year-old told him that she’s actually in the villa to boost her career rather than find love.

‘It’s all a big game to Megan,’ says Alex, 28. ‘She told me the reason she’d come on the show was to do more modelling.’


Intriguing! Megan’s certainly been at the centre of the action since Alex’s departure, having quickly become close to Wes Nelson again despite snubbing him for Alex when he returned from Casa Amor.

Things have progressed so much in fact that Megan and Wes appeared to have sex during Monday night’s episode.

All of this hasn’t gone down well with Alex, who admits that he’d love to RETURN to the show to have it out with Megan.

‘Now I’ve seen how deceitful she is, I’d like to go back into the villa and confront her and expose her game,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘Get me back in!’

Now THAT would be juicy!

Megan has shown interest in various boys in the villa before Alex and Wes, having first seemed attracted to Dr Alex George before coupling up with Eyal Booker.

The pair became close and slept together in the hideaway before Megan called it quits – and went on to express an interest in Wes.

However, things became even more complicated when Wes left with the boys for the Casa Amor villa and Megan kissed new Alex and Dean Overson, but chose Alex to couple up with.

But she was reunited with Wes last week when a twist allowed Wes and Georgia Steel to select which islanders with the lowest vote to send home, resulting in Alex getting the boot.

Alex doesn’t think that Megan is being authentic with Wes and has accused her of ‘playing the game’ – though he does believe that she was being more ‘genuine’ when she was with him rather than Wes.

We bet Alex will be watching closely what unfolds for Megan next…

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