Love Island’s Megan claims co-stars told her NOT to have sex again

Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson has claimed that some of her fellow islanders warned her to STOP having sex in the villa for a pretty shocking reason.

The 24-year-old slept with Eyal Booker on the show but when the romance didn’t work out she became close to Wes Nelson, who she went on to be intimate with before they officially became an item.


This sparked a negative reaction from some viewers and now Megan has revealed that her co-stars were wary of how she would be viewed due to her bedroom behaviour.

‘Some of the cast were trying to tell me not to have sex again because they knew how I would be perceived,’ Megan said. ‘That proves pretty tricky when you are falling in love and living with the person 24/7.’

This proved particularly shocking to Megan given that Wes had also slept with two people in the villa whilst Adam Collard had been between the sheets with more than one girl.

‘I can’t get my head around the fact men are be applauded for this behaviour but because we are women it’s frowned upon,’ the blonde star explained.

Megan has also revealed that she’s experienced this sort of judgement from a young age.

‘I’ve been labelled a sl*t from the age of 16, mainly by boys I had dated, or boys I had turned down, until my group of friends started to join in by calling me “the sl*t of the group”,’ the former exotic dancer wrote for iNews. ‘At this point, I wasn’t sexually active.

‘I was given this label because I made a crucial mistake: a boy a few years above me in school had asked me to send him a video of me masturbating. I declined, he went on to ask me if I had even done it before. I hadn’t, but of course wanted to impress him and so I told him I had.

‘The next day the whole school was talking about it. It’s amusing to me when I look back at it, but at the time it felt like my whole world was caving in. I couldn’t even tell my mum because I was too embarrassed and ashamed. I hate the idea that any girl is going through exactly this right now.’

Megan has clearly been left hurt by her experiences but has absolutely no regrets.

‘Throughout this process, I’ve learnt to embrace my sexuality,’ she said. ‘I have a high sex drive and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

‘This is my body, my life, I own it and I’m proud. I do not and will not regret my sexual history or career choices at all because they have made me the woman I am today.’

The reality star has also revealed that she hopes to encourage other women to not feel ‘ashamed of their choices or desires’.

Go, Megan!

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