Love Island’s Paige Turley defended by friend after ‘homophobic’ Instagram post emerges

Paige Turley has been defended by her friends after using a "homophobic slur" on social media.

The 22 year old posted a now deleted video to her Instagram page last year, calling her brother a "hoofter" after he opted for a cocktail during their holiday to Dubai.

Love Island star Paige is heard giggling in the background of the black and white footage that focusses on her brother, Marc, and his choice of drink.

She wrote over the footage: "Uuuuuft who's that big Harry hoofter on the cocktails ??"

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The word "hoofter" is used as a slang term as it rhymes with a derogatory term for gay men.

Lewis Capaldi's ex-girlfriend also added an animation of a hand waving a rainbow flag, which is normally used to signify pride amongst the LGBTQ+ community.

Fans of the hit ITV2 dating show were quick to point out the remark, with one writing on social media: "I was looking on her Instagram and came across the video under her travel highlights of her calling someone a 'Harry hoofter' accompanied with the pride flag gif — which in my eyes is a homophobic slur.

"Myself and others are deeply offended and don't see why someone this day and age is using this language."

However, a source close to Paige has quickly jumped to the defence of the singer, saying: "This was a silly joke between brother and sister and Paige would be mortified to hear she has in anyway offended anyone."

Paige is currently winning viewers over on the latest series of Love Island, with many left in hysterics last week as she scoffed chocolate during a heated discussion.

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While Siânnise, 25, was clearing the air with Jess, 20, who had just revealed she has feelings for 23 year old Nas, Paige was spotted munching on a bar of chocolate while looking away into the distance.

And beady-eyed Love Island viewers couldn't help but be tickled by Paige's decision to snack in that moment.

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One wrote: "paige eating chocolate during a heated discussion is a such a mood, i might be stanning her [sic]"

Another added: "Paige is a whole MOOD snacking on chocolate in the middle of a serious convo #LoveIsland [sic]"

And a third added: "Looool look at how Paige eating that chocolate bar comfort eating I feel you sis #LoveIsland [sic]"

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