Machine Gun Kelly Says He Apologized To Eminem For Calling Underage Daughter ‘Hot’ In Explosive Interview

Machine Gun Kelly confessed that he tried to end his feud with Eminem and apologize… six years ago! You have to listen to his wild new interview.

Hmm… remember how some fans think Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are faking their feud? MGK really didn’t help squash that rumor when he confessed that he already apologized to Em in 2012! The “Rap Devil” rapper said on The Breakfast Club that he ‘fessed up to his inappropriate comments about then-teenager Hailie Scott Mathers, apologizing directly through Eminem via Em’s manager, Paul Rosenberg. You can watch MGK’s full Breakfast Club interview above!

“It all started with the daughter thing,” he said while swilling tequila. “I didn’t know how old she was. I made a comment, I didn’t feel like it was disrespectful but I’m a father, I have a 9-year-old daughter, I get it, 100% and man to man, I’ll tell you, I apologize, can I take the tweet down? Sure. But public apology? Come on…We’re talking about the same guy who sh*ts on dead people.”

“It was a silly comment to have started all of this,” he said. “It’s something silly to trip on. I get it if it was like, you know, gruesome words were used or like, there was, you know, sexual implications in it. [I just said] she’s hot.” Looks like that apology six years ago wasn’t enough, because Eminem reignited the feud with his song “Not Alike” at the end of August. Cue an all-out war between the two rappers that doesn’t seem like it’ll end anytime soon.

Or did MGK accidentally reveal that they’re just faking the drama to promote their new albums, as some fans are convinced? This interview really isn’t helping! If he already apologized to Em, why would he decide to release a diss track six years later? They’re also signed to the same label, Interscope Records, and share a producer on their diss tracks. Makes you think…

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