Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Lands First LGBTQ Lip Lock

Josh LamonVerified account @JoshLamon

The first #LGBTQ kiss in the Parade’s history. We here at @ThePromMusical have never been so proud. #LoveIsLove

So proud. So thankful.


    1. Patti MurinVerified account @PattiMurin 8h8 hours ago


This was the most beautiful, inspiring performance on the parade. I was full on sobbing on my couch. So happy for you guys, and I can’t wait to experience the show for myself


    1. Cathy @thecathy926 10h10 hours ago


I am thinking of all the kids who saw that performance and saw themselves. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Alicia Isabel @alliciiaisabel 10h10 hours ago

It made me so happy I teared up!!!

    1. Maria Mikol @MariaMikol 9h9 hours ago

Lovedit! It will be our family broadway show this holiday season. Cannot wait to see it!

    1. jordan 32 @jordanbway 10h10 hours ago

amazing. absolutely amazing

    1. eddie toye @eddietoye 4h4 hours ago

you were soooo great young man, we are very proud to know you as a friend n second parents…love u brother, mom n pop toye oxz

🔺manda @amandasally 8h8 hours ago

20gayteen keeps pushing on even at it’s final months!! SO happy to see the love

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  • Spook’s Familiar @cdash741 9h9 hours ago


Wait WHAT What’d I miss??!

  • Shelbie T ♪ @shelbieee28 9h9 hours ago


The Prom’s performance on the parade on NBC! it’ll be on YouTube I’m sure.

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    1. Maria @Maria16749570 8h8 hours ago


    1. jordan

✡️ @phillipapoulain 10h10 hours ago

Thank you so, so, so much.

    1. Cindy

🦋 @cinnyp 10h10 hours ago

Bravo to all .. I can’t wait to see your show when I come home next week!

    1. Abby @AnnaBliss13 10h10 hours ago

    1. emily @waverlyleigh 10h10 hours ago

thank you for EVERYTHING!!

    1. Claire Hutton @isaiah431sheloh 8h8 hours ago

Not sorry I missed it.

Josh LamonVerified account @JoshLamon 10h10 hours ago

So proud. So thankful.

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  • Josh LamonVerified account @JoshLamon 10h10 hours ago

The first #LGBTQ kiss in the Parade’s history. We here at @ThePromMusical have never been so proud. #LoveIsLove

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    Kristin ChenowethVerified account @KChenoweth Nov 21

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I am still riding high from the show! LOVE IT

Kristin Chenoweth added,

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