Maddie Poppe Commemorates Her ‘American Idol’ Audition Anniversary!

Can you believe it’s been an entire year since Maddie Poppe auditioned for American Idol!?

The 19-year-old singer, who went on to win the competition, took to her Instagram to commemorate the moment that changed her life.

“8/29/17. A day that I never thought would change my entire life. Waiting for hours in line, intimidated by everyone around me, I never thought I could do it. Once again, I was preparing to hear the biggest NO in my life. I had it instilled in my mind that this was never going to work out. If someone would have told me I had even a slight chance of winning the show I would have never believed it. I’m endlessly grateful for the producer who I owe so much to, who believed in me from the first time he saw me. I think every day about how easy it would have been for him to say ‘thanks, try again next year’, but he saw something in me I’d always wished someone would see,” Maddie wrote.

She continued, “For every ‘no’ I’d ever heard, or every time someone didn’t call me back, or every promise someone in this industry didn’t keep, or every time I wasn’t ‘up-to-par’ with someone’s expectations, little did I know all of those small, saddening but unimportant moments would lead up to this. This one, simple, ordinary ‘yes’ that would change my life forever. Thank you, @jridgard for giving me this opportunity, for getting the ball rolling, allowing me to start this incredible journey and for changing my life.”

Maddie also reminded fans that they too should go for their dreams.

“If you’re reading this sitting in the same position I was exactly a year ago, give it a shot. You don’t have to be the most confident person in the room, you don’t have to fit the mold, and you don’t have to pretend to be anything you aren’t. If there’s one thing this experience has taught me it’s to be yourself. Reach for the stars & life will take you so far,” Maddie concluded.

We totally agree!

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