Margot Kidder: 5 Things To Know About Original Lois Lane In ‘Superman’ Who Sadly Died

Film icon, Margot Kidder unexpectedly died at the age of 69 on May 13. She was known for her powerful role in the original ‘Superman’, where she played Lois Lane alongside Christopher Reeves. Here’s 5 fast facts about Kidder!

1. Margot Kidder was a Canadian actress and activist. — The late actress, who sadly died on May 13, began her career in the 1960s, where she appeared in smaller, low-budget projects in her native, Canada. She began to get noticed after landing a lead role in Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx in 1970. In addition to her acting career, Kidder was an activist who spent the second half of her life as an outspoken Democrat. She served as the Montana State Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America. She died in Livingston, Montana at age 69. The cause of her death is still unknown.

2. Kidder’s acting career spanned over 50 years. — She rose to fame as Lois Lane in the Superman film series (all four original films) alongside Christopher Reeves in the 1970s and 1980s. She was also known for her role in The Amityville Horror. Kidder also starred in films alongside other Hollywood hunks, Robert Redford in The Great Waldo Pepper and Richard Pryor in Some Kind of Hero.

3. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which caused her highly publicized breakdown in 1996. — Kidder’s career came to a screeching halt when she suffered a public manic episode in 1996. She was later found wandering the streets in Los Angeles with her hair dramatically cut and her knocked out by a purported rape attempt. Police, who found no indication of drug use, took her to the psychiatric ward of the county’s Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar. She was later transferred to a private clinic. Kidder was reportedly homeless for a brief period in 1996 as a result of her struggles with mental health. When she got well, Kidder became an advocate for mental health after the episode. In 2007 that she hadn’t had a manic episode in 11 years.

Her career took a hit in 1990 when injuries from a car accident left her unable to work for two years. She suffered financial issues as a result. Kidder eventually began taking smaller TV roles

4. Kidder was married and divorces three times. — Her first husband, Thomas McGuane, was an American novelist. Kidder had her only child, a daughter, Maggie McGuane, with Thomas. Kidder then married actor, John Heard in 1979. The two were married for only six days. She went on to marry Philippe de Broca, a French film director, from 1983-1984. After her third and final divorce, Kidder never married again. She left behind two grandchildren from her daughter’s marriage to novelist, Walter Kim. Kidder also dated former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, directors Brian De Palma, writer/director Tom Mankiewicz and Steven Spielberg, and actor/comedian Richard Pryor.

5. Kidder reportedly had two more roles set for release at the time of her death. — The roles are unknown. However, her most recent work included “The Vagina Monologues,” which debuted on broadway.

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