Mariah Carey Explains That Viral ‘I Don’t Know Her’ Meme About Jennifer Lopez

By now, everyone has been exposed to the infamous Mariah Carey meme where she was asked about Jennifer Lopez and she responded, “I don’t know her.”

Well, Mariah was asked about the early 2000s moment and she explained it a bit.

Pitchfork asked Mariah, “You get memed a lot and turned into GIFs. Do you see those?,” to which she responded, “Some of them, yes. It is what it is. You have to embrace it.”

The publication continued, “Even when you say the most simple sh*t, like
‘I don’t know her’ about Jennifer Lopez, it gets turned into a never-ending meme.”

Mariah then responded, “I really was trying to say something nice or say nothing at all. I really was.”

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