Mariah Carey saving this story for her memoir

One of music’s most legendary divas, Mariah Carey, appears to be working on a top-secret project: her memoir.

In a candid interview on Monday night’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Carey was asked about performing with the late Aretha Franklin in 1998 during the VH1 “Divas Live” show. However, Carey opted not to tell the entire story because she’s “working on [her] memoirs,“ which may include even juicier stories.

“That was the only time we performed together, for that event,” Carey, 48, explained. “We saw each other many times, we spoke with each other a lot of times.”

“I was very intimidated and I didn’t want to perform with her … that’s the Queen of Soul!” she added. “Patti LaBelle actually told me, ‘You did the right thing. If you would have participated in that situation I woulda had to …’”

Carey went on to do her best Franklin impression and praised the singer, adding, “Aretha was so real.”

The “Butterfly” songwriter and singer said she didn’t get to rehearse with Franklin as scheduled, but did so in her trailer right before the show.

“I don’t want to tell the whole story, because I’m working on my memoirs,” Carey said coyly.

It’s unclear if the book has been sold to a publisher or if Carey already has a writing deadline.

A request for comment from her team wasn’t immediately returned.

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