Mariah Carey Showers Her Fellow Divas With Compliments(!?) On ‘WWHL’!

For many years, Mariah Carey has been known as the Queen of Side Eye and Shade. But after her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, we might have to change that title to the Queen of Compliments.

The legendary singer sat down for a chat with Andy Cohen on Monday where she traded in her signature disdain for smiles and flattering remarks about her fellow divas. Be proud of her, dah-lings, because that’s not an easy feat when one is on a Bravo talk show.

Video: Mariah Drops ‘With You’ 

Gays from all regions called in with questions meant to trigger Mimi into “I don’t know her” territory, but she kept it classy and restrained herself. Even when the sinister Wendy Williams, who has publicly dissed the diva in the past, came up in the conversation, the GTFO singer quipped:

“First of all, we love everybody…”


Naturally, Mariah’s enthusiasm towards other divas was much more genuine — she had nothing but nice things to say about Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Meryl Streep, and “sweet heart” Britney Spears. She’d even be down to do a collab with Cardi B!

Hmmm… Is this the dawn of a new era for Mimi? Will she ever throw blatant shade again?

Watch clips of her interview (above & below) to see for yourself!

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