Mark Wright begs Michelle Keegan: ‘Move to LA to save our marriage’

Since he landed his presenting role on US entertainment programme Extra last year, Mark Wright and wife Michelle Keegan have been flying to and from LA 
and Essex in a bid 
to spend time together.

with the couple’s increasingly hectic work schedules, they have resorted to keeping their relationship alive via daily calls on FaceTime, and by vowing to not spend more than three weeks apart.

But, nine months on, Now can reveal that the distance has just become too much for ‘lonely’ Mark, 31, who feels as though it’s time for Michelle to join him in the States.


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‘Mark does get desperately lonely in LA, and he feels that being without his partner for at least 
three weeks at a time 
is having an impact,’ 
our source reveals.

‘Mark is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with, but at the same time the US is where all his work is now. He just wishes Michelle was there with him.’

But, it’s clear that Michelle is not yet ready to leave her homes in both Essex and Manchester. With the Our Girl actress recently admitting, ‘Of course I’ve thought about [moving to LA]. I’m auditioning for work and if something good comes up I will take it.

‘I do love LA. It’s always sunny; it’s so easy to be healthy and happy. But I’m a northern girl. I miss my family. I miss Manchester. I miss my nine brilliant girlfriends who I’ve known since I was at school. It’s just not me, I’m not an LA woman.’

The 30-year-old also recently hinted at a desire to go back to Coronation Street, despite the fact that her character Tina McIntyre was killed off. She teased, ‘You never know what happens in the future.’

But, it seems as though Mark is determined to change Mich’s mind for 
the sake of their almost three-year marriage.

‘Mark was convinced that after her holiday in the States with him and her parents last month, Michelle would fall in love 
with the idea and start making moves to set up a home 
there,’ our source adds.

And, as a young couple, 
who have previously opened up about their desire to have children in the future, it’s only inevitable that one of them will have to make the sacrifice. But 
is Mark willing to give up his newfound career?

‘Mark feels that it’s unfair because it’s always made out to be him putting her under pressure. But he feels that he is making the biggest sacrifice by being on the other side of the world without his partner and his family,’ our source continues.

‘He thinks they need to reach a decision about their future now.’

But, with Michelle adamant that LA life is not for her, and Mark only just beginning his career in Hollywood, will they ever find a way to be together?

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