Mask-wearing Marla Maples declares ‘I do not choose fear’ as she flies commercially

I choose love… I do not choose fear… I will walk (and fly ? ?) in trust, faith, peace and knowing. If God is for us who can be against us… no one ? Grateful to be joining family on this beautiful day ✨ #InLoveWeTrust #flyingagain

Marla Maples is rarely discussed, right? Imagine if a Democratic president had two living ex-wives – they would be discussed constantly and “used” for political purposes. But Ivana Trump is *somewhere* on a beach with a man half her age, and Marla Maples is… flying. Marla posted this photo to her Instagram – she wore a cloth mask and she’s sitting on a plane. She says “I choose love… I do not choose fear… I will walk (and fly ? ?) in trust, faith, peace and knowing.”

The positive thing I’ll say is that at least Marla isn’t arguing “I do not choose fear” as a way to avoid wearing a mask. But that being said, it still seems way too early to fly commercially for non-essential business. Marla apparently spent a few months in lockdown in Manhattan (where she has an apartment), but is now in Georgia. Maybe. The Daily Beast also said that Marla was calling into the Covid-hotline the Trump administration set up:

In an effort to combat the coronavirus, the Trump administration has cast a wide net, soliciting ideas from industry leaders, family-connected doctors, foreign officials, TV personalities, and fresh-out-of-college consultants to help solve crises around testing and medical supplies. They also set up an email tipline, on the off chance that someone might send a proverbial silver bullet. Little did they expect that one of Donald Trump’s exes would use it.

During the pandemic, Marla Maples, an actress and the president’s second wife, has stayed in touch with a coterie of friends and informal advisers, with whom she has traded tidbits and medical advice on how to combat the deadly virus. In recent weeks, she has quietly transmitted some of those ideas to the Trump White House, in an effort to get them in front of the president—her ex-husband—and senior staffers, two Trump administration officials familiar with the outreach tell The Daily Beast.

It is unclear if any of these Maples-approved, pandemic-related tips have landed on President Trump’s desk. And it’s not clear which specific tips from her inner circle she has relayed to the Trump team. One of the officials said they first became aware of Maples’ leads after realizing her name had popped up on the “Covid Mail” tipline, an internal White House email account that is regularly accessed by a small group of Trump officials. “[Marla] is one of many Americans trying to be helpful in these tough times,” the second Trump administration official said. “Absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

The White House set up “Covid Mail” to field suggestions and questions from “friends and family,” as well as from American health professionals and private-sector envoys, who are trying to get information on supplies and treatments to the West Wing and federal agencies. According to The Washington Post, which first reported on the system last month, “some officials have privately worried that these [Covid Mail] missives receive priority and distract from more crucial scientific pursuits” regarding the coronavirus.

[From The Daily Beast]

Judging from Marla’s social media, she’s very much into “wellness,” holistic medicine and New Age spirituality. I would imagine that she’s leaving tips at the White House covid-hotline about that kind of stuff – “prayer can cure viruses” and “maybe this crystal will help.”

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