Matthew McConaughey’s teen son is his double at Paris Fashion Week

Fans were shocked by the striking resemblance between Levi and a young Matthew McConaughey

As the teen appeared at Paris Fashion Week with his family, he showed off a head of curly hair with blonde highlights, almost matching the trim of his jacket.

Levi McConaughy was joined by his younger sister Vida, 12, as they surprised their model mother during Paris Fashion Week.

The family made a sweet trio as they attended the Stella McCartney show all dressed in beige and off-white outfits.

Levi sported some plaid sweatpants and a matching jacket with a stylish blazer, his younger sister sported a flowing midi-dress with some warm slippers.

The former model, Camila Alves, sported an effortlessly stylish ensemble showing off her toned midriff just days after sparking concern over their trip to France.

Levi has garnered his own share of support recently from the McConaughey fanbase after his father revealed some brutal surfing injuries he had suffered.

The two youngsters surprised their mother

Taking to her Instagram story, Camila fawned over her children as Levi and her mother “showed up in Paris” and 12-year-old Vida appeared with some delectable pastries in hand.

The trio seemed effortlessly fashionable at the Stella McCartney show

While Levi seemed his father’s lookalike, young Vida sported a flowing dress while their mother showed her toned midriff peeking between her beige trousers and black bralette.

The children weren’t flying with Camila when her long-haul flight to Europe had to be diverted

The model updated her one million followers on Instagram after her flight had to be rerouted to Washington DC due to severe turbulence when the “plane dropped almost 4000 feet, seven people went to the hospital. Everything was flying everywhere.”

While Matthew McConaughey was notably absent, there was another missing family member

The youngest McConaughey progeny, 10-year-old Livingston, also didn’t appear at the family reunion.

Levi made headlines earlier in the week after receiving some brutal “surf souvenirs”

Matthew McConaughey shared a candid snap of his eldest son’s back after he was bandaged up from braving the waves, ushering in a stream of support for Levi from his followers.

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