Matthew Wolfenden gets his own back on Emmerdale co-star, insisting ‘I don’t hold grudges’

Matthew Wolfenden throws dart at Roxy Shahidi board

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Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden, 41, has taken revenge on his co-star Roxy Shahidi, 38 after she insulted his fashion sense. Matthew, who shares three sons with actress Charley Webb, 33, revealed that he was planning to wind up his co-star by wearing a pair of ripped jeans. However, the situation became heated when the actress, who plays Leyla Harding in the ITV series branded them “disgusting”, leading Matthew to reveal he felt insulted and jokily throwing a dart at a picture of her.

I’m not one to hold a grudge against people

Matthew Wolfenden

Taking to Instagram after the event, the star told his 175,000 followers how he was feeling following the incident.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “I’m not one to hold a grudge against people, you know.”

The star went on to specify that he was actually referencing one person in particular who had taken a swipe at his questionable wardrobe choices.

“People who say that my jeans are horrible, or disgusting, I think she said”, Matthew relayed, addressing Roxy’s comments.

“But no, each to their own opinion,” he added.

The star seemed as if he had recovered from the blow, before revealing just how he had got his own back on his co-star.

“So, I don’t hold grudges, life’s too short”, he added before going on to land a bullseye on a dartboard that featured a picture of Roxy.

Matthew often takes to social media to reveal the going-ons on the ITV set between him and Roxy.

Just days ago the star hit back at his friend after she made a jibe at his “orange-make-up”.

The star proudly showcased his make-up routine for his fans to see, as he revealed coronavirus restrictions mean he has to apply his own make-up.

Matthew went on to apply concealer to his spots and under his eyes before becoming distracted by Instagram filters.

“Sorry I forgot to say at the end of my make-up tutorial that we’ve got this as well”, the star said, holding up a black compact.

Matthew continued to single-handedly apply the make-up, excited to reveal his efforts to his friend.

The actor added: “So what we do – I’ll open that up one-handed”, he said while struggling to open the clasp.

Holding up the puff which had been covered in the powder, Matthew continued: “You put a bit on that and then you do this in the mirror.”

The star started to dab the product under his eyes while studying his reflection.

A few slides later, the star appeared fresh from having finished his routine before going to find Roxy.

“Hello Rox”, he said as the actress emerged from her trailer.

“If you stand out in the rain like that all that orange make-up’s going to drip right off your face”, she advised her co-star.

Clearly annoyed at being teased for his questionable make-up application, Matthew grimaced at the camera before muttering, “shut up”.

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