Meek Mill Says That Nicki Minaj Blocked Him On Twitter (And He Also Talked Booty Eating)

Over the weekend,¬†Meek Mill decided to treat his Twitter followers to a Q&A using the hashtag #AskMeek, where he discussed a multitude of topics. One such topic that fans wanted the answer to was how he felt about his ex Nicki Minaj‘s new boyfriend Kenneth Petty and Meek was very open. Honestly, at some points during the conversation, Meek was a little too open. Like mouth-on-the-booty open.

Fans didn’t beat around the bush when it came to asking Meek some very personal questions, and Meek was very forthcoming. One fan asked him how he felt about the weekend extravaganza that was Kanye West and Drake’s toddler Twitter fight, and Meek kept it very short.

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