Meg Donnelly & Milo Manheim Pushed For This In ‘Zombies 3′ as Producers

Did you know that Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim had off camera roles on Zombies 3?!

The 21-year-old stars of the franchise not only brought their characters Addison and Zed back to the screen, but they were also co-producers on the third installment.

In a recent interview, Meg revealed that the IRL besties actually fought for something to be included in the recently released movie.

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“In this movie, they say, ‘I love you,’ to each other. And that wasn’t going to be in the script just because it might have been a little bit too mature for younger audiences,” Meg told Forbes. “But Milo and I really, really wanted to make sure that it’s said because they do love each other, and they’re about to leave each other for a very long time.

“So I think it was really important that they said, ‘I love you,’ to each other for the first time, which I thought was really, really special, and I’m really glad that Milo and I pushed for that,” she added.

In another interview with LA Confidential, she opened up about taking on the producer role.

“It was amazing. For Milo and I to be so creatively involved and see things from the other side is really, really cool. It was definitely a very unique experience that I haven’t had before. And I feel like Milo and I added so much to the movie,” Meg shared.

Milo and I expressed our interest in it because we are so involved and we love these movies so much and we were huge fans of Disney Channel too, growing up as kids,” she continued. We also know what we would want to see if we were young kids, as well. So keeping that in mind, I thought it was really important that we’re involved that way and it just like happened so seamlessly.”

Meg and Milo also recently addressed rumors that they are dating IRL.

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