Meghan Markle Accused By Fans Of ‘Losing Her Accent’ To Fit In With The Royals

Fans who watched the ITV ‘Queen of the World’ documentary think Meghan Markle’s voice has changed since she became a royal. People are even accusing her of getting coaching to lose her accent!

Meghan Markle is a full-blown royal after marrying Prince Harry in May, and some people even think she’s changing her voice to fit the part! The theory was concocted during the airing of the documentary Queen of the World on ITV, which included several scene that featured Meghan. “Meghan has had voice coaching,” one fan tweeted. “She seems much softer, bit like how Kate [Middleton]’s changed too.” Another even joked that it takes a “world class actress” to change an accent to “actually think she’s royalty.” EEK! Someone else also compared Meghan’s “new” soft voice to that of Madonna’s.

In the documentary, Meghan got a look at her wedding dress for the first time, and shared never-before-known secrets about her wedding dress and veil. For instance, the veil she wore featured flowers from all 53 Commonwealth nations — even Harry didn’t know about the touching tribute before the big day! Meghan also stitched a piece of the dress she wore on her first date with Harry into the veil, which was her “something blue” on the big day.

Now that it’s been a few months since Meghan and Harry tied the knot, the talk is all babies, babies, babies! HollywoodLife has heard EXCLUSIVELY that Meghan is not pregnant just yet, but fans are anxiously awaiting a big announcement!

Meanwhile, some royal lovers are convinced a baby may be on the way — and it’s all because Meghan’s been wearing her hair pin straight, a much different style for her, lately. Fans are certain that she changed up her hair as a way to distract from looking for a possible bump! However, when Meghan stepped out in a tight black dress on Sept. 25, there was certainly no baby belly in sight.

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