Meghan Markle Made a Huge Change to Her Go-To Hairstyle

While celebrating the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University with Prince Harry on Sept. 24, Meghan Markle did three things of note: She wore a navy-and-black outfit combo (fashion rules be damned), played netball (so sporty!) and styled her hair completely straight (what!).

Yes, that’s right: The Duchess of Sussex, wavy blowout and messy bun enthusiast, switched up her hair for her most recent Royal appearance, opting for a totally straight coif.

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To acheive this look, it appears that Markle parted her hair slightly off to the side, and blew it out completely straight with tons of volume at the crown. If you want to get as much body as the Duchess, try using a round brush. For an extra sleek finish without flyaways, we recommend running a flat iron over your ends once you’re done with your blow dryer. 

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The final look is very polished, but Markle still managed to look effortless by nonchalantly tucking the front of her hair behind her ear — because even when she’s going for a sleeker look, Markle still has to be herself.  And thanks to her, straight hair and netball are going to be so hot for fall. 

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