Meghan Markle strips off in raunchy video she might not want the Queen to see

Meghan Markle gets saucy on a rooftop in footage the bride definitely won’t want the Queen to see ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry.

The former actress bent over a BBQ before frying up a burger in a video titled ‘grilling never looked so hot with Meghan Markle ‘.

The Suits star, 36, was described as the ‘ultimate guy’s girl’ in the saucy behind-the-scenes video shot for US Men’s Health magazine magazine in 2013.

Striding out onto the rooftop in a leather skirt and white tuxedo jacket she strips to reveal a polka dot bra under her sheer black shirt.

Meghan – who is set to marry her prince on Saturday – flashed her bra in the raunchy footage she’d probably rather forget.

She bites on her lip as the camera pans up and down her lean figure.

Changing her outfit, she also posed in hotpants and a white shirt tied up to expose her toned midriff.

Working her body for the camera, Meghan squatted on the floor and smoldered for the camera while flashing her hot pink bra.

At the end of the video she takes a bite of the burger and sucks on her finger suggestively while putting on a sexy show for the camera.

Mirror Online has contacted Kensington Palace for comment.

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