Why Meghan Markle’s Givenchy Dress Paled in Comparison to the Queen’s Coat

The first rule of being a queen is simple: act like one. Do you think Beyoncé would let another singer steal her shine on stage? Nah—Kelly and Michelle know exactly where they should stand, thank you very much. The same can be said for Queen Elizabeth and her royal relatives.

By now you know that Her Majesty and Meghan Markle (aka the Duchess of Sussex) made their first official royal visit together on Thursday in Cheshire after traveling by train for 165 miles. You know that Prince Harry wasn’t there, that they went all matchy-matchy with their earrings, and that for whatever reason, they couldn’t figure out how to get into a car.

But what we haven’t discussed is why Markle hit up the event in a soft, easy-to-miss outfit while the queen basically showed up to peacock. For the occasion, they both took cues from their royal wedding looks. The queen chose a highlighter green Stewart Parvin coat (in the same shade she wore on Harry and Markle’s big day) while Markle turned to the designer of her wedding dress, Claire Waight Keller for Givenchy.

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Honestly, Markle’s look is … unremarkable. It’s nude. It’s simple. If security were to lose her in a crowd, they’d likely have a tough time spotting her. We’re not saying she doesn’t look spectacular, because she does, and she styled it well with a matching black leather belt plus Sarah Flint heels. The mini capelet also gets a special shoutout. It’s Markle’s subtle way of trying to do the most while doing the least.

That said, prior to getting married, Markle turned to sexier Altuzarra dresses and pretty but youthful J. Crew coats in flirty patterns. Now, because her position has changed, her sartorial strategy has also shifted.

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Stella McCartney, who designed Markle’s reception dress, chimed in on the subject of Markle’s role recently, characterizing it as “very austere” and “serious”—so we aren’t surprised the new royal wanted a wardrobe to match. 

“I think there’s a great weight that she has acquired through that and she takes it very seriously,” McCartney told the BBC.

As we said before, a queen has to act like one, and in this case, Queen Elizabeth is reminding the world that she’s in charge. She regularly turns to can’t-miss neon colors not because she loves them, but because she wants her loyal fans to easily to spot her. Smart thinking. This means that for Markle, picking an outfit is almost entirely based on the queen’s choices. Heaven forbid they clash!

Without question, Elizabeth is quite literally the ultimate queen bee, the Beyoncé of monarchs. And therefore as a new royal, it’s Markle’s duty not to outshine the star of the show and instead show up like a respected guest performer. 

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