Meghan Markle’s Sister Hospitalized With Possible Broken Ankle — More Family Drama Ahead Of Wedding

Uh oh! Another member of Meghan Markle’s family has ended up hospitalized in the days ahead of her royal wedding. We’ve got details on estranged sister Samantha’s broken ankle drama.

First Meghan Markle ‘s dad ended up in the hospital with heart problems and now her estranged half-sister Samatha Markle had to go to the E.R. after suffering a possible broken ankle on May 16. Her boyfriend tells TMZ that they had a “paparazzi confrontation” near a Florida toll booth. He claims that he had to swerve his car to avoid a photographer and hit a concrete barrier. Samantha was in the passenger seat and he alleges that she hit the windshield and that her foot was twisted backward. The boyfriend claims he drove Samantha to the E.R. where she’s being checked out for a possible broken ankle and fractured knee. He also says that the paparazzo in question took off after causing the alleged accident.

Samantha did not get an invitation to Meghan’s May 19 royal wedding to Prince Harry as she’s estranged from her half sister. That hasn’t stopped her from going on British TV shows and dishing about her family, even claiming that she set up the staged paparazzi shots involving Meghan’s dad Thomas Markle. After the sketchy situation was exposed, Thomas pulled out of walking Meghan down the aisle at her wedding. He also claimed that he suffered a heart attack days earlier, even though paparazzi who had been following him claim he never went to a hospital and instead was photographed going to several greasy fast food joints. Thomas changed his tune again, later claiming he wanted to be “part of history” at Meghan’s wedding, but then told TMZ he was undergoing heart surgery on May 16 and wouldn’t make it to the nuptials outside of London.

Samantha went on Good Morning Britain on May 15 and host Piers Morgan tore her a new one when she called the media “vultures.” Sam tried to defend the staged paparazzi pics of her dad, saying “The goal of those photographs was basically because he’s feeling defenseless. A person has the right to say, ‘Enough is enough.’” She then shaded “media vultures” who she claimed were “taking advantage” of her dad.

Piers shot back, “It’s pretty rich coming from you, Samantha, to accuse media of being vultures…There’s no bigger media vulture with this wedding than you, is there? How do you have the gall to come on here and talk about media vultures? You’re doing a book called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. You have been trashing her for two years, you little vulture!” Ouch! That probably hurt more than the broken ankle.

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