Mel B Trolled Victoria Beckham For Halloween

On Halloween night, Scary Spice lived up to her name by dressing as the most terrifying thing she could think of. Mel B went as a banshee who continues to haunt Victoria Beckham’s life by never shutting up about that damn Spice Girls reunion tour.

Mel B went to Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash last night, but unlike Heidi, her costume took about 800% less effort to pull of. Mel dressed up in a little black Posh Spice dress with a janky Posh Spice paper mask, and a battle axe with the words “NO I AM NOT GOING ON TOUR” written on it. Mel’s boyfriend Gary Madatyan also got in on the trolling by dressing up as David Beckham, in what appears to be a jersey made from stickers and a trash bag. He held a sign that read: “Please please please, do it for the Spice fans.

Victoria on the other hand dressed up in a terrifying white rabbit mask. There’s probably no hidden meaning there, except for maybe a message about how Victoria would rather throw herself in a pot of boiling water, Fatal Attraction-style, than go on tour.

The more I look at Mel B’s costume, the more I believe her half-baked strategy just might work. Victoria Beckham will see this costume and think, “Little black Gucci dress. Emotionless face. Dead, hollow eyes. Huh – I don’t remember going to that party, but that’s me alright. I guess I’m going on tour then? Damn, how much did I have to drink.

Pic: Instagram

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