Melania Trump Divorce Rumors Continue, But Friend Of First Lady Says She's Just 'A Private Person'

Divorce rumors continue to swirl regarding a potential divorce between President Donald Trump and Melania Trump, but an insider says the first lady is just a very private person.

The state of President Donald Trump’s marriage to third wife First Lady Melania Trump is in a near-constant state of speculation. Divorce rumors swirl regularly, especially lately with the Stormy Daniels situation constantly in the headlines. However, a close friend of Melania’s says that the first lady is simply a private person and that people shouldn’t assume that she’s unhappy or considering a divorce.

People shares that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a longtime friend of First Lady Melania Trump, insists that the first couple simply isn’t big on public displays of affection. As the Trump friend explained to the Washington Post, Melania is a private, old-world European, dignified person, and being openly affectionate in front of the public or cameras simply isn’t who she is.

These latest comments come amid reports that President Trump and Melania rarely spend much time together. While the first lady does public appearances as needed, the first couple seemingly rarely eats together and reportedly maintains separate bedrooms. Melania’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, typically declines to comment on questions about the family’s personal lives.

Melania is rarely seen in the West Wing, insiders detail, and there are even rumors circulating that the first lady doesn’t actually live in the White House. Apparently, the buzz is that she’s based in a home near son Barron’s prestigious school, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland. According to Rickie Niceta Lloyd, White House social secretary, this rumor is an urban legend and Grisham considers it to be laughable fiction.

Despite the ongoing speculation regarding a potential Trump divorce, Melania’s profile and popularity are on the rise. She’s slated to officially detail her first lady platform on Monday, where she is expected to voice a commitment to helping children. The first lady is rarely seen smiling with the president, and numerous incidents of her swatting his hand away or looking annoyed have emerged. On the other hand, her appearance at Barbara Bush’s funeral drew attention for how much more at ease she seemed to be.

Will Melania Trump divorce President Donald Trump at some point while they remain the first family at the White House? Is all of this speculation just nonsense, with the first lady just relying on her old-school European upbringing to guide her in leading such a public life? Given the ongoing headlines regarding Stormy Daniels and other alleged indiscretions by the president, it seems likely that the divorce rumors will continue to follow this first family as their White House stay forges forward.

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