Melania Trump ‘Mortified’ By The Trump Baby Blimp Ahead Of UK Trip — It’s An ‘Embarrassment’

Protesters in the UK are getting ready to launch a baby Donald Trump blimp when he visits the country. Melania Trump has heard about the plans and isn’t excited about her husband’s presidency being see as a ‘joke.’

Donald Trump, 72, is about to visit the United Kingdom for the first time since being elected president in Nov. 2016, and the British people aren’t prepared to give him a warm welcome. Protesters have been inflating a blimp made to look like a baby version of Trump, and are preparing to fly it over Parliament during his visit. Melania Trump, 48, isn’t amused by the way the Londoners are going to greet her husband.

Melania has seen photos of the Trump baby blimp, and she doesn’t find it funny in the slightest, she thinks it’s mortifying,” a source close to the first lady tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The fact that something so blatantly mocking and disrespectful to the most powerful man in the world would be permitted to fly in the air whilst he is visiting a foreign country speaks legions to her about how her husband’s presidency is viewed internationally.”

Trump’s wife is also concerned about how the British people will be viewing her and her husband during the trip. Our insider adds: “Melania feels that given all the protests that will be going on, and this huge monstrous embarrassment flying in the sky above them during their visit, that she’s not going to be able to shake off the feeling of people laughing at them behind their backs, and that the British public see the Trump presidency as little more than a joke.”

Trump’s visit begins today, July 12, and the British protesters are ready for their high-flying gag. The organizers were seen inflating the blimp with air in a north London park on July 10. Hey Melania, don’t look up.

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