Mentalist Star Simon Baker Left Wife Of 29 Years For A Younger Woman – Then Had To Break Up Because She's An Anti-Vaxxer…

The grass is always greener… until it turns out to be full of bad ideas and belligerence.

In case you hadn’t heard, Simon Baker, star of the CBS smash hit The Mentalist, split from Rebecca Rigg, his wife of 29 years last year. The two share three fully grown children, Stella, 28, Claude, 22, and Harry, 20. Though the breakup was actually toward the start of the pandemic in April 2020, they didn’t go public until January of this year, finally releasing a statement to People saying:

“We remain close friends and our three children will always be the most important focus of our lives.”

That classy joint message lost a little of its oomph just a few weeks later when Simon was spotted getting handsy on the beach with — you guessed it — a younger woman! The 52-year-old Aussie’s new bikini-clad woman was identified as Laura May Gibbs, a 36-year-old lifestyle brand designer.

The couple were giving off Kravis-level PDA back in March, but something went horribly, horribly wrong. Spoiler alert: turns out his PYT is… an anti-vaxxer!

Yes, Laura shared a post to her Instagram on Sunday which raised some eyebrows, a video in which she was attending a rally against COVID vaccine mandates, cheering alongside a sign that read:

“We stand united against ‘no jab no job’ and vaccine passports.”


Turns out Laura is dead serious about her anti-vaxx stance, too, putting her money where her mouth is.

Last month, Nagnata, the luxury activewear brand which she shares with her sister Hannah Gibbs, released a statement blaming vaccinations for closing their Byron Bay, Australia store:

“At Nagnata we made the commitment to ‘open our world to everyone’ with inclusivity at the heart of our ethos. It is against our personal and brand values to discriminate against any customers from walking through the doors of our Nagnata retail store. In light of the NSW government releasing a roadmap to ease Covid restrictions for the vaccinated only, we have made the decision to close our Byron Bay store from Monday 11th October. We will reopen when ALL are welcome without fear of judgement and fines.”

Remember when we all just got the vaccinations because it was a medical advancement that protected us, and no one needed to be a “free thinker” who gave more weight to their uneducated opinion than to scientists whose job was to study diseases? Sigh.

Anyway, this apparently was too much for Simon. A source told People on Wednesday that he and Laura had “quietly parted ways” months earlier after she’d attended an anti-vaxx protest.

You think you know someone based on how they look in a swimsuit, right?

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