Michelle Duggar Explains Kids’ Body Safety Rules: Lock the Bathroom Door!

Ever since Josh Duggar was caught preying upon his sisters, Michelle and Jim Bob have doubled down on "body safety" in the household.

Before, they had been vigilant about preventing their kids from having alone time with their peers.

The homeschooling, the courtship rules, and so much more had been designed to keep the kids "safe" from normal teenage milestones.

That didn't prepare them for Josh, however.

Now, Michelle is talking about how she now walks her daughters through puberty and what "body safety" rules she enforces.

1.The Duggars have some unconventional views

2.This time, Jessa was the interviewer

3.Naturally, they talked about repression

4.It's quite a subject

5.Obviously, they do have sex

6.Michelle has touched on that before

7.Michelle says that there's a list of rules

8.It's not really her list

9.Michelle shared a few rules

10.There's an extra step

11.So far, it's pretty standard stuff

12.Then, there is the dress code

13.Something to remember …

14.There's another guideline

15.Jim Bob explains how he sees his children as commodities

16.Here is what he tells him

17.Again with the giftwrapping

18.These instructions are rooted in their interpretation of religious texts

19.Michelle shares how she prepares the daughters for life

20.And then there are the supplies

21.It's surprisingly positive

22.Michelle even delves into a dangerous subject

23.Also, she's nosy about it

24.Real talk?

25.And finally

26.Michelle snoops unapologetically

27.She wants them to tattle on themselves

28.The thing is, Michelle was once a normal person

29.That experience gives her an advantage

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