Michelle Obama’s Necklace Is Going Viral For a Good Reason

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is garnering tons of praise for her speech at the Democratic National Convention — and for the necklace she wore for the appearance.

On Monday evening, she made a virtual appearance at the event to deliver a keynote speech, wearing a custom gold necklace from ByChari, a Black-owned Los Angeles jewelry brand, with letters spelling out "VOTE."

"I never imagined that something I'm so passionate about could mean so much to so many!" the brand's Twitter account wrote on Monday night. "The response has been incredible and I am beyond honored and humbled that @michelleobama wore my design."

Just moments after the former first lady made her appearance, the necklace went viral, with people on Twitter commenting on the clear-cut message she was sending. According to CNN, the necklace was the top-trending search on U.S. Google in the last hour of the convention.

Obama's choice of jewelry was a nod to her time in the White House, when she often used her outfits (which critics and fans alike would discuss anyway) in order to send a message.

The necklace, however, wasn't the only thing going viral — her speech, which took aim at Donald Trump as "the wrong president for our country," had people feeling inspired and hopeful.

During the speech, Obama made a reference to her now-famous adage, "when they go low, we go high."

"But let's be clear: going high does not mean putting on a smile and saying nice things when confronted by viciousness and cruelty," she said. "Going high means taking the harder path."

She added, "And going high means unlocking the shackles of lies and mistrust with the only thing that can truly set us free: the cold hard truth. So let me be as honest and clear as I possibly can. Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head. He cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is."

Her name began trending on Twitter on Monday night as people commended her stirring message.

"If you take one thing from my words tonight, it is this: If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me they can—and they will—if we don't make a change in this election," Obama said in her remarks. "If we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it."

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