Mike Satsky rewards man with metal detector for finding wife’s huge diamond ring

Nightlife impresario Mike Satsky wouldn’t give up when his wife lost her huge diamond engagement ring on a Bermuda beach.

Satsky, who co-owned Provocateur in the Hotel Gansevoort, is now working on a cryptocurrency venture in Bermuda.

He and his wife, Brazilian model Natalia Borges, were on the beach when her ring, a family heirloom, disappeared in the pink sand.

“For hours, we searched what felt like every grain of sand, and it seemed like forever. It started to get dark and we unwillingly had to leave,” Borges told the Royal Gazette.

But Satsky located a man with a metal detector, who found the ring within minutes the next morning.

Satsky is rewarding the ring finder with an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City.

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