Mike Tyson Hopes Floyd Mayweather Fights Again, But No MMA!

Mike Tyson tells TMZ Sports he’s rooting for another Floyd Mayweather comeback fight — as long as it ain’t in the Octagon! 

After that whole Japan fight debacle, Floyd insists he’s retired (again) … but Iron Mike says he hopes he reconsiders because he likes watching Mayweather fight … as a boxer. 

Also worth noting … Mike Tyson is stoned to the bejeezus in this clip. 

How do we know? ‘Cause Mike’s out promoting his new Tyson Ranch weed brand — and his business partner, BigMike, told us they just lit up. 

In fact, Mike recently smoked out Conor McGregor — and got the UFC star’s marijuana seal of approval. 

“Hey, McGregor’s a good guy,” Mike said … “He liked our kush. I’m very grateful for that.”

Mike’s marijuana ranch is huge — 400 acres right in the Coachella Valley in Southern California … and Tyson tells us his goal is to take over the whole THC industry. 

Now somebody get that man some Funyuns!!!

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