'Million Dollar Listing' Star Josh Altman Praises Jeff Bezos' $165 Million Buy

Josh Altman‘s praising Jeff Bezos for getting his money’s worth in buying up David Geffen‘s estate — even at $165 million — because he says it’s one of the best in the world … though he doesn’t necessarily condone HOW he bought it.

The “Million Dollar Listing” star was leaving Craig’s in WeHo Thursday night when he ticked off several reasons why the Amazon honcho’s “magnificent” new Beverly Hills property deserves to be the most expensive sale in the history of Los Angeles … and then some.

Josh tells us he heard the whole deal went down on a yacht and the fellas handled the major real estate business without realtors … something he’s not down with, for obvious reasons.

Our sources tell us Josh is right … at least about the yacht part. Jeff and David have become fast friends while spending time on Geffen’s megayacht … like Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, did last summer with a slew of other millionaires.

We’re told the gentlemen struck a deal for David’s estate on one of their most recent yacht excursions … because that’s how the rich roll.

As for Altman’s beef with cutting out the realtors … we can’t really back him up there. Commission on a $165 mil sale would be a little over $8 mil in commission for the agents involved, and even though Bezos is stupid rich … he’s not stupid.

Jeff and David can take care of the deal themselves and hire a real estate lawyer to look it over … for about $10,000.

Still, you can understand why Josh is looking out for his fellow realtors.

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