Milo Manheim Can Only Rehearse Four Hours A Day For ‘DWTS’

Milo Manheim meets up with partner Witney Carson at the dance studio for rehearsals on Thursday afternoon (September 27).

The duo will be performing two dances this coming week on Dancing With The Stars.

Did you know that Milo can only rehearse for four hours a day? While other teams are practicing for more than that, Milo can only do four hours per day because he’s actually still in high school.

“He’s technically a minor. He can only rehearse for four hours,” Witney shared in an interview. “He’s in school for the first half of the day, and then I get him for rehearsal the second half of the day.”

However, that’s not stopping him from doing his best.

“Milo’s attentive and observant. He’s willing to work super hard. He wants to do really, really well,” she adds. “I can see each day that he’s progressing. We are having such a great time. We are having a blast.”

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