‘Modern Family Shocker: [Spoiler] Dies In Emotional Halloween Episode

‘Modern Family’ just went there. The show killed off a major character during the Oct. 24 episode. So, who dies? We’re breaking down the entire episode. Grab your tissues!

Modern Family doesn’t waste any time getting right to the character death on the Oct. 24 episode. In the first few moments, Claire, Mitchell, and Jay all get a call from Jerry. He breaks the devastating news that DeDe is dead. Claire and Phil embrace while dressed up as a spider and fly for Halloween.

The family comes together in the wake of DeDe’s death on Halloween. Initially, there’s no word about how DeDe died, but Jerry did note that DeDe had a heart problem she didn’t want to talk about. Jay stops by and pays tribute to his ex-wife in his own way. “She was a good woman, and she had… great legs,” he says.

The family deals with DeDe’s death in different ways. Haley stuffs her face with candy, while Luke pulls out a life-like doll of DeDe that she gave the grandkids. Alex, dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, tells them all to get their act together and “show some respect” towards DeDe.

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