Molly Mae Hague reveals natural lips after having lip filler dissolved

Molly Mae Hague has shared the results after having her lip filler dissolved, telling fans it was the ‘best decision’ she has made. 

The Love Island star, 21, showed fans the process as she visited a clinic to have years of filler removed from her lips after making the decision to go more natural.

Molly admitted she probably had about five millilitres of filler over the years, having first had it done when she was just 17. 

Showing off how hard her lips are after the fillers, Molly Mae explained: ‘I remember my lips before filler, there was nothing there. I literally had no lips!

‘Do you notice how unnatural, see how much filler, they feel really hard. It’s just time they went.’

She videoed the procedure, which involved having her lips numbed with cream before the dissolving agent was injected, telling her followers the pain was similar to that of having them filled in the first place.

Molly was soon able to show off her natural lips as the product dissolved, admitting that going to the wrong injectors when she was so young had left her with ‘botched’ and lumpy lips. 

Although her lips were still slightly swollen due to the procedure, Molly was over the moon with her more natural pout, saying to the camera: ‘I’m home guys and wow, wow, wow, my lips. They’re not there anymore, they’re gone!

‘Nothing in there, they were rock solid, look how liney they are now with no filler. I’m weirdly happy about it, I don’t know how to feel, I’ve gone back to 15-year-old me again.’

She added: ‘I’ve made so many mistakes when it comes to filler on my face, slowly, I’m starting to reverse it all.’

Molly also revealed that she was planning to have her teeth done again to make those look more like they did before too, after embracing her natural beauty. 

Sharing advice for her followers who might be considering fillers, she said: ‘Best decision I’ve made in a long time getting my lips dissolved. I’ve been putting it off for so long.

‘I wish I’d waited when I was younger to go to a proper place to get it done so it looked natural, I ended up with botched lips.

‘It’s no one’s fault other than my own, for not doing my research and not knowing what I wanted doing. I just said: “Make my lips look like Kylie Jenner!”‘

She later added on Instagram: ‘So here’s my lips now they’re dissolved, some screenshots form my Vlog (which the love on already has been insane, thank you so much)!

‘I really hope some of you guys learn from the mistakes I’ve made with filler, especially my younger followers, I started getting filler so young and it has been one of my biggest regrets.

‘I used to be so insecure about my slightly thinner lips but now I’m older I’ve realised that embracing what you have naturally is so much better!

‘(I truly mean this) reversing all my mistake snow and feeling so much better for it.’  

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